Many sellers who are new to online selling may be wondering how to effectively capture their audience and direct them to their website. Before the internet was a part of our lives, sellers relied on word-of-mouth marketing to reach their intended audience. Fortunately, we have a more convenient and faster way of making this happen through the use of the internet.

There are a number of ways to market yourself on the web nearly effortlessly, one of these methods being Social Media Optimization, or SMO. SMO is a method of attracting visitors to your website via social media content. This means internet marketers use Facebook, Twitter, or other applications to drive customers to your website.

There are a few methods of using SMO to reach your audience. The first method is adding the social media to your content itself. This might include the use of sharing buttons, RSS feeds, or incorporating social media widgets directly on your website. The second method involves a separation from your website and using third-party social media websites to promote your product. Many who use this method are posting new products on Facebook, alerting followers of new blog posts on Twitter, or other methods similar to this.

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