Becoming an internet marketer has a bit of a learning curve to it–there’s a vast space to navigate through and a wide range of audiences to appeal to. Gaining a following can seem like a daunting task, one that would require a good amount of effort. Fortunately, however, there is such a thing that will help you attract visitors to your website effortlessly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the method of making your website stand out in search results. When your website appears earlier on a search results list, the number of visitors to your site will increase. This happens because of how search engines work: search engines are able to keep track of the types of things people are searching for, and based on that information, marketers can use those keywords in conjunction with their website content to appear higher up in a search list.

Some search engine websites offer paid subscriptions to appear in the top results of searches, while others simply index the content you have on your site automatically. To increase your rankings, you can use a method called cross linking, which connects two pages from the same website to increase your ranking, or updating content with certain key words to keep your site at the top of the search list.

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