Why I ♥ Dinair Video Contest


Calling all Dinair users! Tell us Why YOU Heart Dinair! When did you fall in love with Dinair? Where? How? Why?

Maybe you threw away all your old makeup upon your kit’s arrival. Maybe you perfected your airbrush skills on your pet. Maybe your weekly breakouts ceased and youíve had amazing skin since. Maybe after that accident last week, you airbrushed your car back to brand new. Whatever the story, we want to hear it!

Create a video that tells us your airbrush story. Then make sure to like Dinair on Facebook, so you can upload your video to our Why I ♥ Dinair contest page. Videos must be LESS THAN 2 minutes in length.

Our first prize winner will receive a 500 dollar Dinair gift certificate and our second place winner will receive a 250 dollar Dinair gift certificate, to use on anything their airbrushed hearts desire. Entries may be selected to be featured on our website, as well.

Be funny. Be charming. Be creative. Because Facebook fans will be voting on the videos!

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