There are few female DJ’s who can dominate and be successful in a male predominate DJ world. However JES is a tremendous songwriter, singer and DJ who’s talents and gifts speak for itself as she continues to blossom in the EDM world while having an exceptional voice and style. Believing in her vision and setting challenging goals, JES has topped Billboard charts and continues to receive widespread radio play, not only in the U.S. but internationally as well. She also has a radio show called “Unleash The Beat” that’s syndicated on... Read The Rest →


IAMMUZYKA: What have you been up to lately? JES: 2014 has turned out to be a very busy year already! I’m just back in LA after spending sometime working on new songs in New York. It’s such an inspirational place for me. Simply being in that city generates new ideas for me so I love to spend time there just to kick-start my creativity. My production company has recently moved into a beautiful new studio in LA. We have been renovating and remodeling the building which has been equally exciting and... Read The Rest →

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