Huffington Post:Complicated Game – Chatting with James McMurtry and Wind-Up’s Ed Vetri, Plus a JES Exclusive

For ‘Two Souls’, I was looking to write on the more progressive, more pop side of dance, but I wanted to keep the emotional and angelic feeling I love to put into my songs. ‘Two Souls’ has been a long journey, and it went through many incarnations. CLICK TO READ MORE AND LISTEN


  EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is defined merely as club music that is produced primarily dance-based entertainment environments such as clubs. Jes Brieden aka JES is a singer/songwriter whose goal is to connect with her audience on more than a rhythmic level. Sure, anyone can dance to dance music – how many can say that they feel something from it? The lyrics heard in JES’ music are definitely proof of that. The two-time Grammy nominee has changed the game in a musical genre that has traditionally been dominated by men.... Read The Rest →

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