HOLLYWOOD(Hollywood Today)1/30/14/–Gorgeous. A heavenly voice. DJ grooves to kill for. A stage presence powerful enough to send thousands of audience members into an EDM trance for hours – and the ability to rock spectacular outfits that should by all rights make Lady Gaga and Madonna green with envy. Those are just some of the attributes that define singer/songwriter/DJ and producer JES. Listen to her clear, pure vocals on “Higher Than the Sun” and you’ll find you just can’t help the shivers running up and down your spine.   CLICK TO... Read The Rest →

HOLLYWOOD TODAY: NEW KID (BACK) ON THE BLOCK: Sean van der Wilt “Shoulda Woulda Coulda”

By Kely Lyons HOLLYWOOD(Hollywood Today)–Sean vander Wilt was the last client ever signed by now-disgraced boy band mega-mogul Lou Pearlman of N’Synch fame, but that’s not why people are paying attention to him. With the debut of van der Wilt’s new video, “SWC” on VEVO, it’s clear why Pearlman – with his keen eye for superstar money-making talent – thought this triple-threat singer/dancer/songwriter was a sure thing. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

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