Raw Story: ‘I can tell you how Lawrence Krauss ended up in our film. He signed a release form and cashed a check’

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 5.28.21 PM

This week, The Raw Story created a small avalanche of publicity for a forthcoming movie that was otherwise struggling in obscurity. Called The Principle, it has Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew as its narrator, and it also features the participation of noted scientists Lawrence Krauss (pictured above) and Michio Kaku.

But it was brought to our attention that one of the film’s executive producers is a controversial man named Robert Sungenis, a dedicated Catholic who is convinced that his church was right and Galileo was wrong when they clashed several centuries ago over the ideas of Copernicus, the Renaissance astronomer who promoted the idea that it was the Sun, not the Earth, at the center of the universe, with the Earth revolving around the Sun. (Later, of course, we realized that the Sun also isn’t the center of the universe — our solar system isn’t even near the center of our own galaxy.)


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