The Philosophy of Mind Plow

Weary of the all too common conformist messages and repetitious music that cultivates the minds of society today, Mind Plow utilizes innovative rock and roll licks combined with uncompromising and enlightening song writing to plow your mind into the next level of consciousness.

The philosophy of Mind Plow is about living in the now and manifesting a better reality in the present, rather than focusing on the past. Because repeating history does not foster a better tomorrow, Mind Plow doesn’t cover old songs or promote old ideals, but focuses solely on empowering the perception of critical thinkers that grace the planet.

In a global society that values economic status above the intrinsic value of humans, such as their creativity, empathy, and ingenuity, Mind Plow’s music strives to promote the ideology of passion over money while renouncing the fallacies of our current consumer culture. Progressive both philosophically and politically, Mind Plow makes an honest and unpretentious statement in every musical effort they produce without catering to any particular influence or style besides their own.


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About the Band

Mind Plow is the compilation of ingenious and innovative musicians who each bring forth their own unique sound to the group. Hard driving rhythms and thought provoking lyrics push for greater social awareness and equal opportunity for all. The masters of Mind Plow came together when bassist Justin Smolian introduced guitarist Yogi Lonich to LA political activist and singer, Nicc Angeles, and they found a common ground within their philosophies and concerns for the current structure of society. Drummer Andreas Brobjer joined the group’s efforts upon his return from a major European Tour, and together they are Mind Plow.


Nicc Angeles – Lead Singer, Songwriter

Nicc Angeles is an LA transplant who adopted his name from the city he finally felt comfortable calling home. Frustrated by the inept political system in place and with the misinformed and unenlightened culture that is so dominant on the streets of America today, Nicc began taking his message in song to stages across Los Angeles with tremendous fanfare. As an avid social activist, his long-term goals include creating a new system of monetary distribution that dismantles Global Capitalism and replaces it with a system driven by self-investment and national ethics. Such a system would ensure more capital is placed with innovators and creators rather than the already super-wealthy.

“When we came together, it felt like a sonic boom into the future…there is really nothing about our past that seems relevant. Life starts today.” – Nicc Angeles

Yogi Lonich – Guitarist

Yogi Lonich is a California native who brings extensive experience to Mind Plow’s lineup of musical talents. His most recent musical endeavors include recording with Shakira, DJ Zedd, and touring as the lead guitarist for the platinum award-winning band Fuel and Chris Cornell’s solo project. Having recorded an album with Yusuf Islam and sharing the stage with countless talents like Melissa Etheridge, Natasha Bedingfield, and Booker T. Jones, Yogi’s impressive career promises to gain even more ground toward his vision for the new future of modern rock working with Mind Plow.

Justin Smolian – Bassist

Justin Smolian is well known around the LA and California music scene. Staying true to his personal philosophy of non-conformist ideals in music, he has taken the stage with the likes of Los Einstein, Ladyjack, as well as the illustrious singer-songwriter Alex Nester.

Andreas Brobjer – Drummer

Andreas Brobjer hails from Sweden, and he has played gigs all across the world with noted artist including Lady Gaga. Andreas is well noted for playing a scaled back Pearl drum kit with only basic pieces; however, he has the remarkable ability to make sounds that are larger than life.

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