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The Earth revolves around the sun, right? At least according to 16th Century cosmologist Nicolaus Copernicus, we live in a heliocentric universe. 20th Century cosmologist Carl Sagan even went to the extent of saying that Earth is insignificant in a galaxy that’s among many other galaxies. Along comes the groundbreaking documentary The Principle, directed by Katheryne Thomas, which presents very compelling evidence that disproves the Copernican Principle and, ultimately, makes you feel happier to be living on Earth because it actually is a significant planet after all. Director Katheryne Thomas initially provides you with a wide range of perspectives from various scientist such as Michio Kaku, Max Tegmark and George Ellis, among others. Each of them is interviewed separately, but the things they say are sometimes at odds with one another which highlights how complex the issue of heliocentricity vs geocentricity. By including those different opinions, Thomas achieves something that too few documentaries acheive: fairness, balance and critical thinking without resorting to ad hominem against naysayers. The arguments for geocentricity are quite persuasive, and easy-to-follow with graphics and narration used in a lively way that makes it accessible to the laymen without being exhausting or too dry. The Principleultimately finds just the right balance between entertaining the audience and provoking them emotionally and intellectually no matter what they believe in before sitting down to watch it. By the time it’s over, you’ll never look at the Copernican Principle the same way again. This is the kind of doc that you’ll be talking about for weeks. Rocky Mountain Pictures opens The Principle at Marcus Addison Cinema in Chicago.

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