Before It’s News: Earth Is in Special Location in Universe, The Principle Documentary

What if everything we thought we knew about cosmology one day was overturned? What if suddenly, science was faced with the realization that in fact the earth is in a special place in the universe, and there is no getting around this evidence? The Principle reveals that in fact, this is the case today!

In 2001, the WMAP satellite was launched. The analysis of images it returned years later shocked many cosmologists. Features in the universe that had been hinted at in previous missions (COBE) and various studies of the background radiation revealed in stark detail that there appeared to be a signal at the largest scales of the universe that know about us, and are aligned to us. This alignment threatened the cherished Copernican Principle- i.e., that we are not in a special place, to such a degree, it earned the title “the Axis of Evil”. Many other related and unrelated observations verify the axis.


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