Huffington Post:Complicated Game – Chatting with James McMurtry and Wind-Up’s Ed Vetri, Plus a JES Exclusive

For ‘Two Souls’, I was looking to write on the more progressive, more pop side of dance, but I wanted to keep the emotional and angelic feeling I love to put into my songs. ‘Two Souls’ has been a long journey, and it went through many incarnations. CLICK TO READ MORE AND LISTEN

JES’s “Two Souls” OUT NOW

“Two Souls” draws on all those chance meetings and near misses that happen to us all. I was inspired by those inexplicable connections that you often feel but don’t know why. Sometimes it’s easy to feel isolated and when we do we’re usually not as alone as we think. I wanted to write a song for those people. Something that would help them find their way home. XO JES CLICK TO LISTEN AND BUY: iTunes | Beatport Exclusive Mix 026 – JES, Magik Muzik & Black Hole Recordings Guest Mix

1) Limerant – Shores of Belaal [ Exclusive] Chill – Limerant-shores-of-belaal-chill-exclusive 2) Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Come Alive ft. Youngman (VIP Mix) [ Premiere] (1:50) Drumandbass – Drumsound-bassline-smith-come-alive-ft-youngman-vip-mix-edmcom-premiere 3) Spieltape – Bag Of Bones (Nikitin Remix) [ Premiere] (4:00) Tech – Spieltape-bag-of-bones-nikitin-remix-edmcom-premiere 4) Return of the Jaded – The Hustle [ Premiere] (6:15) Tech – Return-of-the-jaded-the-hustle-edmcom-premiere 5) Prospa – Work It Out ft. Ryan Konline [ Exclusive] (8:12) Deepsounds – Prospa-work-it-out-ft-ryan-konline-edmcom-exclusive 6) Of Sound Mind – Sweet Like ft. Kaley Mae (DAN.K Remix) [ Premiere] (10:40) Tech – Of-sound-mind-sweet-like-ft-kaley-mae-dank-remix-edmcom-premiere... Read The Rest →

DJ Times Radio 011: Mixed by JES

With an effervescent voice that’s graced songs by everyone ranging from Armin van Buuren and Tiesto to Paul Oakenfold and BT, JES is firmly planted in the core of trance music. Having garnered both significant critical and commercial success over the years for tracks like “Imagination,” “As The Rush Comes,” “Everything,” and “Every Other Way,” JES’ instantly-recognizable vocals have become a near-ubiquitous force within dance music. However, the New York City-born artist has created a name for herself in recent years with a string of solo releases and a full-fledged... Read The Rest →

Hits Worldwide: JES Brings New Direction to “Sky Stand Still”

Musical artist JES has had quite a career. Gaining a footing in EDM where she has collaborated with huge name acts such as Tiesto, the songstress has evolved in a new form. For her recent single, “Sky Stand Still,” from the movie, “The Principle,” her stripped down and heartfelt sound resonates with glory.JES brings a totally different approach with echoing acoustics and melodic guitars. CLICK TO READ MORE

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