Before It’s News: Earth Is in Special Location in Universe, The Principle Documentary

What if everything we thought we knew about cosmology one day was overturned? What if suddenly, science was faced with the realization that in fact the earth is in a special place in the universe, and there is no getting around this evidence? The Principle reveals that in fact, this is the case today! In 2001, the WMAP satellite was launched. The analysis of images it returned years later shocked many cosmologists. Features in the universe that had been hinted at in previous missions (COBE) and various studies of the... Read The Rest →

JES Places on Vibe Magazine’s Top 10 Female Dance Acts Of 2013

Congrats to our girl, singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ, JES for placing #10 in Vibe Magazine’s Top 10 Female Dance Acts Of 2013. Read the full story here: If you have ever been to a JES show then you know this is well deserved. Check out her latest tour diary from LA Exchange and get in on the JES Experience 🙂    

Sean van der Wilt Release New Single & Music Video “S.W.C” Feat Mark Cole

He was the last client that infamous music mogul Lou Pearlman (‘Nsync, Backstreet Boys) signed. He boasts a resume that includes performing alongside some of the entertainment industry’s greatest (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Usher, Christina Aguilera) and has been dubbed “the most underrated triple threat of the decade” by VIBE… And now Sean van der Wilt is set on the path to stardom as he re-enters the pop world with the release of his video “S.W.C”. “S.W.C.”: Short for Shoulda Woulda Coulda “SWC” is a pop infused-EDM track that linked up... Read The Rest →

The Philosophy of Mind Plow

Weary of the all too common conformist messages and repetitious music that cultivates the minds of society today, Mind Plow utilizes innovative rock and roll licks combined with uncompromising and enlightening song writing to plow your mind into the next level of consciousness. The philosophy of Mind Plow is about living in the now and manifesting a better reality in the present, rather than focusing on the past. Because repeating history does not foster a better tomorrow, Mind Plow doesn’t cover old songs or promote old ideals, but focuses solely... Read The Rest →

ELITE DAILY: Feast Your Ears On Sean Van Der Wilt: SWC

Sean van der Wilt’s latest video for SWC, demonstrates that kind of multi-talented performance you rarely come across. Sure you can sing, but can you dance? Sure you can dance, but can you perform? And Sean’s answer is yes to all things. Beginning his career as a professional dancer for the biggest legends of the performance realm, Sean soon realized he wasn’t designed for the background. And with piercing baby blues like his, why should he waste any time outside of the spotlight?   CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

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