The Last Client Lou Pearlman Signed Releases Video: Sean van der Wilt

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He was the last client that infamous music mogul Lou Pearlman (‘Nsync, Backstreet Boys) signed. He boasts a resume that includes performing alongside some of the entertainment industry’s greatest (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Usher, Christina Aguilera) and has been dubbed “the most underrated triple threat of the decade” by VIBE… And now Sean van der Wilt is set on the path to stardom as he re-enters the pop world with the release of his video “S.W.C”.


Short for Shoulda Woulda Coulda “SWC” is a pop infused-EDM track that linked up Sean van der Wilt with music producer Mark Cole (Chris Brown). Inspired by his own personal experience with past relationships, Sean also sees the song as “an anthem for anyone who has felt they should have been treated better in any situation of their life”.

The video for “S.W.C.” features the beautiful Tyne Stecklein (Dancing With The Stars) and is based around an interesting concept by Director Dave Goldberg, giving due credit to the performer’s abilities as a complete entertainer.

“The concept behind the dance was an idea that Dave had when he was in college…The smoke and the dancers are an expression and extension of my raw emotions. There are moments in the video where I create and manipulate the smoke, which turns into dancers. As the video goes on this represents me dealing with and freeing myself from all the pain of this failed relationship.” This is only the beginning for Sean van der Wilt as he gains momentum with his new brand of pop music.

“I expect to enjoy longevity in the music industry through releasing songs and videos that reveal the development of who I am as a human being but also as an artist – I know I am going to shock the world with my new brand of pop music… At the end of the day, I just want people to laugh and have fun – life is too short, I want to put a smile on people’s faces!”
His new single “All In” will premiere at one of Hollywood’s finest venues and one of the biggest, most prestigious events of the year. Stay tuned for details.


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