THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER- The Rise Of Boybands Told Behind Bars



The boy band craze in the 90s can be said to be an offspring of Beatlemania in the 60s. Fans went wild. Stadiums sold out. Songs played repeatedly on the radio. And who was responsible for this? Lou Pearlman. He launched careers for both The Backstreet Boy and NSYNC. We can thank him for that. Lou, however, was also a ponzi scheming mastermind. And with his clever ways, he was able to convince many people to invest in his shady business plan. Millions of dollars were lost and well, you guessed it, Lou had to say bye to his mansion and get use to life behind bars. If there is a lesson to be learned from this experience, clearly Lou hasn’t. He does have 15 plus years behind bar and that is more than enough time for self reflection.


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