**Stream Now** “Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy to Stop The Principle”

As most of you already know, “The Principle” has been subjected to a virtually unprecedented media campaign to discredit it, from even before it was released. “Thoughtcrime- The Conspiracy To Stop The Principle” is YOUR weapon against that media barrage. Watch it, share it, show it to all of your friends and associates who might have heard about the controversy. It will blow them out of their chairs! About Thoughtcrime: In April of 2014, “The Principle”, a virtually-unknown independent science documentary film, suddenly exploded into the public eye as the... Read The Rest →

New Trailer And Pre-Order “The Principle” Movie DVD/BluRay

  Buckle up. “The Principle” will be released worldwide on DVD/BluRay and for streaming on December 8, 2015. Pre-Order Here: https://ThePrinciple.lnk.to/buythemovie Please consider making this a most significant Christmas gift this year! And remember to watch our FREE MINI DOCUMENTARY “Thoughtcrime: The Conspiracy To Stop The Principle”, premiering November 17. It will bring many things into focus. ‪#IAmSignificant‬  

The Sedona International Film Festival Presents Special Screenings/Director Q&A Of “The Principle” April 10th & 11th

The Sedona International Film Festival is proud to present the Northern Arizona premiere of “The Principle” — a new film that addresses one of the most heated debates of our time: Our place in the cosmos. The film’s director, Katheryne KTEE Thomas will be in Sedona to host the film and have a Q&A discussion with the audience after all four screenings. The film will show April 10-11 at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. What if everything you think you know about our Universe is wrong?  Are we significant or just a... Read The Rest →

“The Principle” San Diego Living Interview – Understanding a Modern Scientific World View

Marc Bailey interviews Rick DeLano on San Diego Living about “The Principle”. Rick describes the conception of the film after new data was collected about our universe in 2005. This new data has given us a much larger view of the universe and we are able to see, and calculate, more then ever before. and what’s been discovered is shocking. Rick articulates that the controversy about this new data stems from the inability to explain away the findings that don’t fit into popular scientific belief, The Copernican Principle. The idea that... Read The Rest →

“The Principle” Coming To Madison WI, Harrisburg PA and San Diego CA On March 13th!

We inhabit, in Carl Sagan’s words, “…. an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people.” His words reflect the Copernican Principle; the foundational assumption underlying the modern scientific world view. But what if this assumption is WRONG? Now it is time for YOU to decide! Time for YOU to see the film that is already well on its way to becoming one of the most controversial movies of our time.... Read The Rest →

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